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[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

For years, I wrote off New York Subway as not worth my time; that was easy to do if all you ever did was briefly glance inside. Luckily, a few years before I left Toronto, I tried several items at this curiously-named shop, which specializes in Indian-spiced burritos and satay sandwiches—not deli-style hoagies, as the name might suggest. The veggie burritos (particularly the cauliflower and bean) are great and cheap, but I have more love for the grilled chicken sandwiches, like the grilled chicken satay sub ($8.95).

Along with much of the Queen West strip, New York Subway recently underwent a facelift, so the once stuck-in-the-70s shop looks a lot nicer, and though the cost of the sandwiches jumped a bit, they're still more than reasonable, considering the quality. On the grilled chicken satay sub, freshly grilled chicken and a griddled curried potato and mushroom mixture are piled into a flaky sub bun, with a squirt of mayo and the house sauce—a tangy, creamy, and spicy blend of ketchup, cumin, mayo, and hot sauce. Order it medium if you want a little, and spicy if you want a lot. With the curried potatoes and juicy grilled chicken, it's a bit like a roti in a submarine bun. It's also unlike any other sandwich in the city, and highly habit forming. Over the past 20 or so months I've been living in San Diego, I've craved this sandwich (and the more stripped-down wrap version, without the potatoes) on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis... and even though I'm only in town for just 9 full days, I've already gone back twice.

New York Subway

520 Queen Street West, Toronto (map)

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