This Week in Eating Out


[Photo: Jessica Leibowitz]

Isa in Williamsburg: Despite some great drinks and a few savory highlights, Isa's highly conceptual menu came up short in execution.

Knockout Noodles at Chicago's Spoon Thai: Here's a joint that definitely lives up to the hype, most notably with noodle dishes that hit a trifecta of flavor, texture and heat.

Messy Burgers at The Red Eyed Mule in Atlanta: This memorable eatery more than makes up for its small size with great service, a slew of decadent burger options, and a whole lot of character.

Sicilian Slice at O'Malley's in Portland: With great seasoning and a perfect crust, the Sicilian pie at this bar and grill is done just right.

Six Chocolate Chip Cookies we Love in Chicago: Discover some of our favorite spots in Chicago to fulfill your craving for a simple, satisfying chocolate chip cookie.

Prune-stuffed Gnocci at Boston's No. 9 Park: On a menu of extravagant dishes, this iconic plate may be the definition of decadence (and is well worth the $21 price tag).

The Search for America's Best Tacos: Traveling from coast to coast to taquerias, taco trucks, carnicerias, and anywhere else serving up a serious taco, we've come up with our 16 favorite tacos within each region of this great nation of ours, March Madness style. View all 64 picks by region: