Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Boston: First Look at Uni's Late Night Ramen

[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

A landmark Boston restaurant, Clio has been serving Ken Oringer's unique take on French-Asian cuisine in their understated-but-leopard-spot-carpeted dining room for nearly a decade and a half. With Chef de Cuisine Douglas Rodriguez heading up the main kitchen, Chef Chris Gould in charge of the downstairs sashimi bar Uni, and Todd Maul mixing craft cocktails for their newly redesigned bar menu, the food and drink has stayed solid through the years. It was the space that needed updating.

Luckily, the ownder Dora Ullian felt the same way and after a month of renovations, Clio has reopened with an extended bar, a more modern color scheme, and Uni's completely redesigned sashimi bar featuring slate floors and paneled bamboo walls.

That's all well and good, but here's what Serious Eaters should really care about: the new late-night ramen menu. You can now head down to Uni's sashimi bar any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night after 11 p.m. to slurp $10 bowls of ramen or chow down on a couple of duck buns, along with Maul's fine cocktails, of course.

My recommendation: the Umami Ramen, made with stock flavored with 10 different kinds of mushrooms and a hunk of Parmesan rind. It's everything right about fusion and utterly delicious.

Peep the slideshow for a look at everything on the menu >>

Uni (inside Clio)

370 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 (map); 617-536-7200;

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