There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Punny Oscar Menu: 10 Dishes Inspired by Nominated Films

Look Who's Talkin'"Making a Tinker Tailor Shepherd's Pie, I think." Maciej

"Really, no pun on "Oscar noms"?" ostroffj

Free lunch?

"As the question involves counterfactual analysis, we examine the hypothetical in "the nearest possible world." So in this case, TISTAAFL. Lunch is like beer in that it is better (not necessarily good, but better) if it's free. Yep." FatBaztard

"Are you required to watch a short presentation about time-share vacation homes?" ccooper

McDonalds Miracle Flavored Rice

"it reminds me of the "will it blend" videos... but more like 'will it rice cooker"" wednesdayvail

"This is like a, "Hey we're all drunk at a diner at 3 in the morning, I dare you to mix all of the condiments (syrup, mustard, ketchup, mayo, hot sauce, barbecue sauce and butter) then spread it on a pancake, fold in a hot dog and a banana, dip it in orange juice and eat it" kind of deal. Hypothetically speaking... " Mr.Nick

9 Oscar Dogs Inspired by the 2012 Best Picture Nominees

"You've inspired me to make the A.I. dog, where a perfectly good hot dog is stapled to a really bad ending." Dennis Lee

Bottom Shelf Beer: Narragansett Bock Is Really Good

"Thank you for inadvertantly providing me with my 2011 Fantasy Football team name!

Manager of the Terrifying Shark-Toilet" Phunnyfarm

Video: Pizza Man Trailer

"It was bad enough when millions of people wouldn't go back in the water after seeing JAWS. Now I have to worry about some nerdy pizza delivery driver from Domino's kicking my ass when I come to the door. Fantastic!" Texas Blues

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