There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

American Classics: Pączki

Look Who's Talkin'"When I was little, "My little paczki" was a term of endearment, to be said by some adoring aunt while pinching your cheeks. (facial, I hasten to add.)" moibec

Why Does My Chai Milk Curdle?

"Did you change from whole milk to skim? Lowering the fat content may encourage curdling. And when milk proteins clump together, how do we know they are curdling? They may be just cuddling, and we could all use more cuddling. If you think the milk is just friendly, maybe this won't bother you." FatBaztard

Your Dining Companions Faux Pas at the Table

"Occasionally, my friends use the wrong fork down at the club. Of course, they always feign nonchalance about the error, but I am quite sure that deep down, they recognize their grave faults and are humbled." shoneyjoe

"Once interviewed a young man (20s) who ordered a chicken breast at lunch "medium rare." Both the waiter and I called it a teaching moment. At another interview, roasted vegetables were served family style. As the meal drew to a close, he asked for more vegetables, and just began eating them off the serving platter balanced on his plate with the giant serving spoon, figuring everyone else was done." kitchenista

Foods That Get You "Goin"...


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

"Anything made with blue agave, and rotel dip." boobird

Drinking The Bottom Shelf, Valentine's Edition: Life As A Research Coordinator

" '... everyone else just drank orange juice as we watched Kenji and Chichi fight about how much oil you need to render a pig head--seriously. It was the most perfect Kenji-Chichi fight ever and I felt honored to be a part of it.'

Will, I see your pig head fight and raise you:

1. A Kenji-Chichi fight about how long to grill duck testicles of various sizes
2. A Kenji-Chichi fight about how to cook alligator fingers
3. A Kenji-Chichi fight about what human flesh would taste like, in relation to other animal flesh (and I'm talking extended and detailed debate here)" Carey Jones

[Ed. note: Alligators do have fingers, though it's still up in the air about how to cook them]

[Photograph via]

"@Carey: woah. That's a lot to process all at once in the middle of a work day. 1) how variably sized are duck nuts? 2) what part of an alligator do they get the finger from? Or do those things actually have real fingers? 3) Kenji would taste like haughty presumptuousness and plastic sandals." Will Gordon

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