[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Combining scallops and butter is never really a bad idea. Throw in snow peas and egg noodles and you have a solid little dinner, albeit one that sounds a tad boring. Not that I would turn it down (obviously) but if it wasn't for the ginger I wouldn't have been so excited to try this recipe from Simply Shellfish by Leslie Glover Pendleton.

My only worry was that I would taste nothing but ginger. Though there's a decent amount of fresh ginger in the mix, it is luckily cooked for long enough that the ginger mellows out. When you first bite into the finished dish, the ginger just hangs out in the background, only making an appearance a few seconds later. It's enough of a kick to make you want to dig in again, making this a surprisingly engaging noodle dish.

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Noodles with Bay Scallops, Snow Peas, and Ginger Sauce ยป


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