[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

As is often the case with Rick Bayless-approved recipes, like this one from Fiesta at Rick's, it's hard to pick out the one aspect that's most impressive about this dish. Instead of stewing the chicken breasts, they are sautéed, cubed, and then stirred in at the last second, leaving them remarkably juicy and caramelized.

But I should also mention how the smoky poblanos strips are balanced by both crema and, more importantly, wilted Swiss chard. There are only nine ingredients in this recipe, yet it tastes like a dozen more are hidden in there somewhere.

What you'd like to do with the chicken from here is totally up to you. You could serve it with some rice, or warm up corn tortillas and make tacos. I chose the latter and was very happy I did. I've also just eaten it straight from the bowl. Since it's so balanced, no salsa is needed; this remarkably complex dish is already good to go.

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