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Cornwall's contribution to the world of meat pastries is a simple hand pie filled with meat and root vegetables. Although the Cornish Pasty Association has strict rules regarding what exactly can go in an official Cornish pasty (beef, turnip, potato and onion), on this side of the pond it's safe to add a few extra ingredients other than the essentials. Traditionally, this pie is meant to eat standing on a lunch break, but add a pot of tea or some strong ale and light green salad and these humble pasties can be the cornerstone of an excellent brunch.

Pasties can be made a day before and simply warmed in a low oven before guests arrive. And if you happen to make a batch of these for one (or two) people, packing a leftover pasty as a lunch can help your week start off right. The vegetables that are included in this version of a pasty are based on what I keep in my kitchen, but if you happen to have turnips, rutabaga or even Brussels sprouts, give those a try in your pasty. Make sure to chop the ingredients in evenly sized pieces so that they all cook evenly.

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