Last Week's Contest Winners

20120108-186790-the-occasional-vegetarian.jpgCook the Book: 'The Occasional Vegetarian': BPPickle, feaster, fishfood, tigress, Wes01.

Cook the Book: 'Kosher Revolution': nygrlinca, erunuevo. gb916, rachelb, and rakdanit.

Cook the Book: 'Good Food to Share': lolo, lilyk, jae_em, czken, and Nicholas H.

A Cookie A Day: 'The Treats Truck Baking Book': caroliiine, jt078302, ni419, eliza_ann, and profpickle.

A Cookie A Day: 'Fine Cooking Cookies': sarahd2285. amazon_ww, travoooo, LittleBear23, and leaming2956.

Winners have been notified by email and also appear on our Contest Winners page. Thanks to all who entered!