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Super Bowl Eats: 8 Chili Recipes That Are Not Vegetarian

Earlier today Kenji shared his meatless, bean-heavy chili. Some would say this doesn't qualify as chili. If you are raising your hand right now, and can't imagine a world where chili doesn't include meat, these recipes are for you. Warning: some of them contain beans, but that's a separate conversation.

What do we believe characterizes amazing chili? It must:

Check out all of the recipes in the slideshow, or jump to each of them below.

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Turkey and Roasted Poblano Chili »
Chili for Burgers, Dogs or Fries »
All-American Chili »
Turkey Chili Soup with Hominy »
The Food Lab's Chili »
Real Texas Chili con Carne »
Cheesy Chili Mac »
Beef and Dark Beer Chili »

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