Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk and the comments week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Burger King UK's 966-calorie Burger Called 'The Height of Irresponsibility'

Look Who's Talkin'"I like how the spokesperson for the National Obesity Council has the last name "Fry."" Loubert

How Long Can I Keep a Dead Lobster in the Fridge?

"Are you sure it's dead? Perhaps it's just pining for the fjords." jedd63

We Try the New Starbucks Blonde Roast

""Nothing quite like a tall blonde in the morning" - my local starbucks worker.

do you think they did that on purpose?" eje09

"Arthur Dent had found a Starbucks which had provided him with a paper cup filled with a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike coffee..." elwood00

The Pizza Lab: How to Make Pizza Bianca at Home


[Photograph: J.Kenji Lopez-Alt]

"FYI - This pizza seems to be missing sauce. " eatitatlanta

The Worst Thing I Ever Found in My Food

"About a week into living in Uruguay, I had to learn to say "Hay una babosa en mi Chivito," though it's a phrase I hope I never have to use (again). Yes, that translates to "There is a slug in my Chivito (steak sandwich)." dagoose

Reality Check: Jumbaco from Jack in the Box


[Photograph: Jack in the Box]

"Bob the taco shells are fried, but they're still soggy in places. Not the best, but I agree with Willy, they're good in a trashy sort of way... just like the Jumbaco itself. I kept thinking that I should be eating it alone, in my underwear, while crying." Erin Jackson

10 Toppings and Spreads for the Big Game

"I think 9 times out of 10, if you ask someone on the street what their favorite Superbowl snack is, they'll say Salmon Rillettes." foozebox


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