Dinner Tonight: Fennel Sausage with Wrinkled Grapes and Grape Extract


Sausage with grapes, while it might seem like a strange combination, is pretty traditionally Italian. And once you taste it, it makes perfect sense: the pork sausage is juicy and salty while the grapes are sweet and tart.

I've seen a few techniques for this recipe, but never this method from Rozanne Gold's Radically Simple. She takes a cup of grapes, blends them, and then strains out the juice to deglaze the pan.

It boosts the flavor considerably, and as the juices reduce with the fat from the sausages, they concentrate into a remarkable sauce. Even with the sprinkle of pine nuts and parsley, this recipe comes in at 5 ingredients, though I stretched it to six with a quick polenta to catch all the juices.

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Fennel Sausage with Wrinkled Grapes and Grape Extract ยป

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