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For a quick dinner, it's hard to beat fish—it doesn't benefit from long cooking processes like braising, so as long as you avoid overcooking, it's rather hard to mess up. Especially when, like in this recipe, you smother it with a creamy concoction made with two kinds of mustard.

Mustard and cream are often found together in French sauces—the cream softens the edges of the spicy, strong mustard flavor. But I like the way Ina Garten does it in this recipe, opting for tangy crème fraîche instead (sour cream and heavy cream or milk whisked together can substitute). With the addition of capers, the tangy, piquant flavors are even more amplified, and I was amazed at the depth and richness of this recipe with twenty minutes of cooking time, start to finish.

I opted for local trout, which is thin and cooks very quickly, but a thicker fillet would work just as well.

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