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Generally when it comes to curry-like dishes, I opt for authenticity. The variety of dishes across Asia that fall under the general moniker of "curry" is astonishing, made up of a vast variety of seasonings and combinations that could fill a lifetime of cooking (and it would be a pretty happy one). With so much out there to explore, I'm sometimes a little suspicious of recipes that mess with authenticity.

But for some reason, I loved this dish from The Kitchn that sneaks sun-dried tomatoes into a dish of coconut milk, chickpeas, and spinach. It somehow works really well. They don't call it a curry, but the technique and flavor are pretty close to one. In the end, this is a healthy, easy-to-prepare recipe (that also happens to be vegan).

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Braised Coconut Spinach With Chickpeas And Lemon ยป

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