Snapshots from Sao Paulo: 9 Modern Takes on Classic Brazilian Dishes

Author's Note: Thanks to the Brazil Tourism Board and Semana Mesa, I got the chance to check out the food and drink of Sao Paolo last month. Here are the highlights of my trip.

Sao Paulo's reputation as Brazil's culinary capital is well earned. The city's wide array of excellent eats gives serious eaters plenty of options. You could easily spend the better part of a day noshing on fruits and fried snacks at the large Mercado Municipal.

But the city's high-end dining options are also worth noting. Even if you're more of a hidden-hole-in-the-wall-sandwich-joint type, the opportunity to taste the creative, flavorful interpretations of Brazil's top chefs is quite an experience.

At some city's most renowned restaurants—such as Maní, Clandestino, D.O.M., and Tordesilhas—you'll sample exciting, modern dishes showcasing an excellent understanding of flavor, texture, and technique. It's especially intriguing to see these chefs' interpretations of the more classic Brazilian dishes and using traditional and more exotic ingredients.

More often than not, the basic flavor profile of a dish—like feijoada—would stay consistent with the "original" version, but the altered textures and presentation make it clear that these chefs appreciate the basic components of Brazilian cooking but allow some room to experiment and refine the dishes.

Here are 9 modern interpretations of familiar Brazilian dishes and flavors.

What classic dishes do you like to experiment with?

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