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One of the easier things to cook for dinner are bone-in chicken thighs, which are flavorful and satisfying and can withstand the high heat of a grill or broiler and stay juicy. In the middle of winter when grilling is not an option, dishes that work well under a broiler are what I crave.

The technique for this dish comes from Nigel Slater's superb Real Fast Food: You mix together fragrant spices like cumin and coriander along with some minced garlic into room temperature butter, and paint it all over the chicken. (You could easily change up the spices or even use a curry powder). The secret? Making a good deal more butter than you'd think necessary. As it melts off the chicken and crisps the skin, it collects in the dish and continues to cook until it becomes nutty brown. At the same time, all the spices are toasted in the bubbling fat, so you end up with golden, juicy chicken and some phenomenal curry-esque brown butter to spoon over everything. Rice alongside is essential to sop it all up.

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Spiced Chicken with Brown Butter ยป


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