There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Who Else Is Obsessive About Their Pantry? (This Obsessive?)

Look Who's Talkin'"Hog casing and 5 kinds of hot dogs? I want to be you when I grow up." Aynsl156

"Marmite but not Vegemite? I don't even know you any more." KoalaisnotaBear

"I'm pretty sure my fridge list would look like this.

hot sauce
hot sauce
hot sauce
hot sauce
hot sauce
hot sauce
Brita" ESNY1077

SE Staff Picks: Least Favorite Halloween Candy


"I actually love all of those candies... not top of the list but no where near the bottom. BigMan loves Halloween because it's all about candy and when he was little his parents lived in a baaaaad neighborhood in Philly, he was only allowed to go to about 3 houses and his parents gave out RAISINS...raisins in the hood? Can't believe no one got hurt over that one. " PoorOldMama

"Laffy Taffy and Bubble Yum. Is it just me, or are these candies regifted each year like fruitcake? They've been in circulation so long the taffy gets disgustingly hard and brittle like, while the Bubble Yum becomes staler than the gum I still tucked away in that box set of 1989 baseball cards.

I would also throw in the alternative flavors of tootsie rolls and dum dums. While I'll grab one from the jar in the Laundromat, this is Halloween we're talking about. Put up or shut up, or else I'm teeping your house.

Also, mystery flavor anything. " Adam From GrubGrade

The first Bronx Restaurant Week, Nov. 1 thru Nov. 13!

"Isn't that two weeks?" ajmill1978

"They could class it up and call it Bronx Restaurant Fortnight!" Jim-Bob

Bottom Shelf, Halloween Edition: The 6 Scariest Things at Your Liquor Store


[Image via: stylecrave]

"A friend gave my wife and I bacon-flavored vodka as a gag gift. It tastes like burnt sock lying in a pork-juice puddle on the floor of a chemical factory. And the bottle is enormous. Care to try?" Ghostly

"If you ever crave burnt socks and take that guy up on the bacon flavored vodka, I'll send you some smoked salmon vodka, crafted in Palmer, AK. Maybe you can do a carnivorous spirits special. " [Ed. note: we'd like to see that!] —aktricia


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