Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 10 Best Vegetarian Foods at the Texas State Fair

[Photographs: Grav Weldon, except where otherwise noted]

I stopped eating land meat two months ago, but sometimes I still miss it. Those of you who have given up meat understand.

It can be difficult finding vegetarian or vegan fare, but that's actually not the case at the State Fair of Texas. While the midway and food court are chock full of corn dogs, deep-fried burgers, and mystery meats on a stick (here are our favorite 25 eats at the fair), they have plenty of meat-free options, a few are even healthy.

Here's a list of 10 meat-free foods you won't want to miss at the State Fair of Texas, which is taking place in Dallas until October 23.

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About the author: Grav Weldon is a freelance photojournalist and fine art photographer specializing in food and travel photography. When he isn't on the road, he spends most of his time editing photos, creating abstract art using 3D animation software, and trying to find delicious vegetarian friendly restaurants in the Ozarks and Deep South. You can see his photos on his blog, Persistent Gravity, and his portfolio, Gravatonia.


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