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[Photograph: Adam Lindsley]

There are a number of ways to describe the muffuletta ($8.50) from Eastmoreland Market & Kitchen. "Oily gut bomb" is one. "Damn delicious" is another.

I counted 15 interwoven layers of ham, salumi, mortadella, swiss, and sharp provolone wedged between the lightly toasted halves of a ciabatta roll, a glorious brick of cholesterol one step from a heart attack. As if that didn't already supply you with your monthly intake of triglycerides, the olive and pickled vegetable salad slotted between the meat and cheese and the bread ratchets up the sodium even further.

The smattering of chopped olives, capers, and various pickled vegetables (I saw carrots and cauliflower) may look a stingy serving, but it's a potent punch of briny, meaty, salty, olive-y flavor right to the kisser. If you don't like olives, then don't come within 10 miles of this sandwich; it's that powerful.

One issue: The olive salad is especially oily so by the time I got to the second half of the sandwich, the bottom half of the bread was soaked through with oil like a wet sponge. I love olive oil, but this was overboard. I just tossed the bottom half of the bread, flipped the sandwich over, and finished it open faced. Still delicious without the squishous.*

*I'm trademarking this catchphrase. So what if "squishous" isn't in the dictionary...yet.

Eastmoreland Market & Kitchen

3616 SE Knapp St., Portland OR 97202 (map)

About the author: Adam Lindsley is a Pacific Northwest-based writer, musician, and the author of the pizza blog, This Is Pizza. He will do just about anything for a good doughnut.


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