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[Photograph: Rich Vana]

It's not really a Reuben. In fact, even calling it a Tex-Mex Reuben is a little misleading: there's no pastrami or corned beef and it contains no sauerkraut. No, this sandwich is not a Reuben of any sort! But at least they kept the rye and the Russian dressing.

The Tex-Mex Reuben ($6.99) at Mr. G's Beverage and Deli is a grilled beast of beef and pepper. The sandwich starts with the roast beef (more apologies to the Reuben purists out there), which they pile on liberally. They then add coleslaw, giving the sandwich a bit of texture, not unfamiliar to those who add slaw to their pulled pork barbecue sandwiches. The Russian dressing is Boar's Head but the real difference-makers are the thick, grilled rye bread and "pepper mix," a doctored up Giardiniera. The spice of the peppers and the texture of the bread and slaw play mightily against the sheer quantity of beef.

It's a big and spicy—and most importantly, satisfying—sandwich, misnomer or not.

Mr. G's

1453 Coit Road, Plano TX 75075 (map)

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