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If you're looking to make brunch (or dinner!) for a group on the fly, do yourself a favor and make some omelettes. This classic French dish comes together in mere minutes, but the payoff is infinitely delicious. And how could it not be, when eggs are stuffed with any number of awesome ingredients then cooked in a melting pat of butter? Say it with me: Eggs. Butter. Cheese (yeah!). Instant. Entertaining. Happiness (yum!).

Here are some quick tips for better omelette-making:

  1. It's all about speed. Once the eggs hit the pan, you'll be done in about 30 seconds. Make sure that all ingredients are prepared.
  2. Have a 7-inch pan (nonstick highly preferable) with about 2-inch height so the eggs don't fly out.
  3. Stick with making individual omelets of 2-3 eggs. Making a larger omelette becomes a clumsy act and usually results in a less tender product.
  4. Add a teaspoon or two of cream to your eggs while beating to add a little bit of fluffiness to the final omelette.
  5. Use a whole tablespoon of butter in the pan and let it melt and bubble before adding the eggs just before the butter browns.
  6. As Julia Child says, be "courageous" in forming the omelettes. The movement of the pan must be violent and loud as you jerk the pan towards you to loosen the eggs from the pan and throw them to the opposite end of the pan.

Bacon and Fried Potato Omelette

Bacon and hash brown lovers will love this omelette—it's three of the best breakfast foods in one. I love how the fried potatoes add crunch and the bacon imparts a meaty, smokey flavor.

Gruyère Chive Omelette


This is a perfect example of how far a few ingredients can take you. The key to this omelette is Gruyère cheese. It melts beautifully, and its flavorful, stinky nature makes it the perfect match for grassy, oniony chives.

Basil Goat Cheese Omelette


This is a nice, light omelette that makes a perfect summer lunch. There is a delicate contrast between the fluffy eggs, tangy cheese and fresh, sweet basil.


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