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What Are You Stocking the Pantry with Before Hurricane Irene?


Stock up on ramen!

While shopping for flashlights this morning (six stores, no luck) and shelf-stable groceries, it sure felt like everyone around me was in an Irene frenzy. With the hurricane predicted to rip through the Eastern seaboard this weekend, with many parts of the East Coast on alert, people were filling up shopping carts with jugs of water, batteries, peanut butter, and canned beans. The guy behind me in line had 12 boxes of butternut squash soup (I counted). Another woman was on the phone: "My husband reminded me to buy as much wine as water! We'll need it to get through this!"

According to hurricanecenter.com, here are the 10 essential foods to keep in the pantry:

There's also a Talk thread going about Hurricane Eats. "Water, peanut butter, bread, bananas, oranges, apples—stuff that won't spoil. And of course, lots of booze, candles and lighters," are the essentials for bookmonger. How about you? Are you stockpiling for Irene? What are you keeping in the pantry?

Check out this hurricane tracker in realtime.

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