Fresh Food on TV: Weekday Edition

NOMTVWith all the channels on broadcast TV and cable and the inevitable episode repeats, it's hard to sort out what's new or worthwhile. Let us sort it out for you so you don't miss anything worth watching. Times may vary with region; check your local listings for exact hour and channels.

Monday (August 1)

Hell's Kitchen: Thirteen remaining chefs face Ramsay once again in another set of difficult culinary challenges. 8 pm., Fox.

Tough Cookies: Susan bakes up a special cookie to represent the local soccer team Crazy Susan's is running a promotion with. Linda teaches her niece about working in a bakery, hoping to bring her into the family business. 8:30 pm., TLC.

MasterChef: The seven competitors who have made it this far go head-to-head in the next round of challenges. 9 pm., Fox.

Cake Boss: A very special cake is made for a little boy who has just moved with his family to Hoboken, New Jersey; later, they bake up a cake shaped like a life-size cow. 9 pm., TLC.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Bourdain travels to Spain to visit world-renowned restaurant, El Bulli, where he cooks and dines with chef Ferran Adria. 9 pm., Travel Channel.

Tuesday (August 2)

Kitchen Impossible: The team tackles a gutted kitchen with only a sink to transform it into a functioning kitchen. 9:30 am., HGTV.

Cupcake Wars: Cupcake artists make tasty treats for Miss USA's 60th anniversary party. 8 pm., Food Network.

MasterChef: Six competitors left. 9 pm., Fox.

Gordon Ramsay's Great Escapes: For the season finale, Ramsay ventures to Thailand. 9 pm., BBC.

Wednesday (August 3)

Man vs. Food Nation: Adam ventures north to Milwaukee to cheer on a local who attempts to down a large burger, fries, and six hot wings in just 23 minutes.9 pm., Travel Channel.

Rocco's Dinner Party: Three food-loving cooks attempt to create dishes inspired by the fashion world in order to please designer Nicole Miller. 10 pm., Bravo.

Thursday (August 4)

Dinner Rush: This film takes you inside the kitchen of a busy Manhattan Italian restaurant, unveiling the intricacies of a restaurant kitchen and the goings-on in the dining room. 8:20 pm., Sundance.

Extreme Chef: A dust storm and a less-than-cooperative cow hinder the chefs' search for their ingredients, as they dig in the dirt of a farm to locate the components for the meal they are to cook later in the episode. 10 pm., Food Network.

Friday (August 5)

American Eats: Learn about the history of an American classic: the hot dog. You'll even get to see the inner-workings of Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs on Coney Island in New York. 10 am., History Channel.

Heat Seekers: Chefs Aaron Sanchez and Robert Mooking travel down to Santa Fe to experience true Southwestern spice, including chili-pulled pork and spicy hot chocolate. 10 pm., Food Network.

The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Stars from the Food Network detail the best egg dishes they've eaten, from Reuben egg rolls to truffled egg toast. 10:30 pm., Food Network.