Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Market Scene: Old Town Temecula Farmers' Market, CA

[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

Temecula is primarily known as a destination for wine tasting but it's also home to an excellent farmers' market that matches, if not rivals, the best markets in San Diego (which, trust me, is saying something).

Besides ready-to-eat food like crepes, gyros, and sambussas, there's also an extensive selection of fresh fruit and produce, most of it at very reasonable prices. Some stellar deals include the stone fruit for for $2 a pound, mini baskets of summer squash for $2, and three pints of fresh-picked strawberries for $4.


The market is also a great spot to pick up a fresh-picked bouquet or a succulent plant, which is perfect for the warm, arid climate and easy to care for (though my history with them would prove otherwise).


You'll also find baked goods like pies, cakes, and cookies, plus bread, locally-produced honey, cheese, and fresh lavender. If you're just passing through town, it's a great spot to stock your picnic basket before heading out to the wineries.

The Farmers' Market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon in Old Town Temecula.

In Season Right Now:

Stone Fruits
Citrus Fruits
Root Vegetables
Leafy Greens

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About the author: Erin Jackson is a freelance food writer and photographer who is obsessed with discovering the best cheap and tasty eats in San Diego, including all things sweet and sugary, for her dessert blog San Diego Sugar


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