Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Los Angeles: 14 Great Savory Bites for $2 and Under

[Photographs: Katie Robbins, unless noted]

At many of our favorite restaurants coast-to-coast, two dollars won't even buy you a Coke. And while we love shelling out the big bucks for a grand meal from time to time, there's something so inherently satisfying about paying bargain basement prices for a profoundly delicious bite.

In Los Angeles, that cut-off seems to be the two buck mark. If you're willing to pay more, there's a world of tasty eats at your fingertips, but for $2 and under, your options for a truly flavorful savoy snack are fewer.

After scouring menus around the city, we've come up with 14 mouth-watering bites that don't exceed two dollars. These range from two taco mini-meals in Mid-City to mere morsels like daikon pastries in Arcadia—all are tasty, cheap, and in the slideshow (or jump to individual bites below).

The 14 Dirt Cheap Bites

Kinpira Inari at M Cafe de Chaya ($2)
Al Pastor Tacos at Tacos Leo ($1)
Pretzel Roll at Rockenwagner ($1.50)
Baleada at Lempira ($1.75)
Potato Sandwich at Yamazaki Bakery ($1.70)
Snacks at Samosa House (ranges; all under $2)
Lahmajune at Arax Bakery (90 cents)
Taco dorado de camaron at Marisco Jalisco ($1.75)
Pastries and Buns from JJ Bakery ($1.85 and below)
Pupusas at La Nueva Flor Blanca ($1.50 to $1.75)
Takoyaki at Mitsuru Cafe ($2)
Honey Lavender Biscuit at Ludo Truck ($1.50)
Carnitas Taco at Los 5 Puntos ($1.99)
Marinated Poached Egg at Ramen Bull Pop-up ($2)

The Map

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