[Photo: Carey Jones]

We're suckers for novelty, which may explain why we got so excited about the "Predator and Prey" at the Wurst Tex cart in Austin, a rattlesnake and rabbit sausage (!) with peppers and onions on a long bun. While a tasty sausage, juicy-middled and well-seasoned and as meaty as you'd like, those meats weren't really discernible, particularly with peppers and onions thrown on top. If you'd told me I was eating a chicken sausage, I'd have believed you.

It's really just a reminder that you can stuff anything into a sausage. What's the weirdest sausage you've ever eaten? And did you enjoy the experience?

Wurst Tex

1603 South Congress Avenue, Austin TX 78704 (map)


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