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Last week for our Weekend Cook and Tell we asked you to peer into the frosty depths of your freezer for a challenge we called Freezer Cuisine. We were curious to see what sort of ingredients and defrostable meals all of you stockpiled for those nights when you wanted to enjoy home-cooked flavors without committing yourself to serious stove-front time. Here's a look at some of your best stocked freezers.

salerie reserves precious freezer real estate for bananas that are a bit past their prime; they might be a little spotty on the outside but are ideal for whipping up and impromptu batch of banana bread for breakfast.

samiamb gave us an in-depth tour of a well-stocked freezer with a cache that included Manchego rinds, pie crusts, nuts, fruit chunks waiting to be defrosted for oatmeal, summer freezer jam, butter bought on sale, and tons and tons of chili. There were also a few decorative ice cubes with violets frozen into them for special occasion cocktails.

sciue says "yay for the freezer!" Favorite frozens include half loaves of bread, frozen herbs—better than dried but not quite as good as fresh, pesto, tomato paste, pancetta, and soffrito.

For lemonfair freezing pesto is a great money saver. With basil from the garden, lemonfair's frozen pesto goes into the freezer minus the garlic which tends to get stronger when defrosted—the trick it to add it fresh once the pesto has defrosted.

Zinnia1 vacuum seals homegrown apples for pies, portioning out enough filling for single pies to last throughout the year.

Instead of roasting chickens to order, IfYouCookIt prefers to do a few at once, shredding the meat, making a gravy and freezing them together. According to IfYouCookIt this meat n' gravy combo makes a great topping for waffles and bread, a filling for a pot pie, or even a soup starter.

TylerYork chimed in with a freezable that would have never crossed our minds—cole slaw. Apparently the mayonnaisey cabbage salad freezes and defrosts beautifully.

philandlauren stock their freezer with kid-friendly chicken sausages, which make for healthier hot dog alternatives.

Frozen drinks usually tend to be on the sweet side but meatntaters can't bear to waste a half glass of whisky on the rocks even if it means putting it on ice, resulting in Jameson Slushies, a happy freezer accident has worked out quite well many a time.

Thanks to everyone who opened up their freezers for week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: What's on your Nutrition Plate?.


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