So you think that all there is to grilling is throwing some steaks or burners on the grates? Think again. Over on Gourmet Live>, you can check out our Geek's Guide to Grilling as part of our ongoing sponsorship with the App. And since it's the featured article of the week, you don't even need an iPad or iPhone to read it!

Grill geeks are first and foremost obsessive about temperature. You can take your pick from grill thermometers, instant-read digital meat thermometers, infrared thermometers, and computer-monitored thermocouples. But not a single one of those gadgets is worth the price of its weatherproof carrying case if you don't understand the relationship between temperature and energy. Though the two are intimately connected, they are not one and the same. And in fact, it's the latter--the transfer of energy, not the temperature--that ultimately determines how your food is cooked.

What do you think about when manning the grill?


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