[Photo: Robyn Lee]

Seeing beautiful strawberries in the market is a sure sign of summer. When searching for strawberries, look for those that are firm, with a deep red color and bright green stems. (Nothing worse than biting into a strawberry only to find a bitter, white center!) Look for ones that are loosely packaged, too; overcrowding can lead to bruising.

Strawberry edibles that first come to mind are jams and tarts, or simply whole berries; but this fruit is pretty versatile. Consider more savory options, too.


Strawberry Risotto
Strawberry Balsamic Thyme Jam
Strawberry Vanilla Agua Fresca
Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Tea
Strawberry Campari Tart
Stupendous Strawberry Shake
Strawberry, Dandelion, and Balsamic Onion Salad
Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
Strawberry Bavarian
Strawberry and Ricotta Tart

How do you like to eat summer strawberries?


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