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Raspberries are one of the most treasured summer sweets. These little red morsels, bursting with sweetness but just a bit tart, are starting to pop up all over at farmers' markets. Raspberries are actually made up of many little "druplets," small individual fruits with their own pulp and seed. They come in all different colors and can be used in savory dishes in addition to sweet ones. Add them to a salad, a smoothie, or serve them over ice cream. Be careful, though; they'll go bad quickly and are very delicate.

Raspberries are full of health benefits, too. They contain fiber, manganese, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. So grab some while they're still in season!


Raspberry Freezer Jam
Creamy Lemon and Raspberry Tart
Black Cherry and Raspberry Kuchen
Chocolate Semolina Pudding with Raspberry Puree
Raspberry Margarita
Raspberry Rhubarb Jell-O Jam
Spinach Salad with Strawberries and Goat Cheese
Light and Frothy Raspberry Faluda
Raspberry Purée

What's your favorite way to eat fresh raspberries?


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