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[Photographs: Adam Lindsley]

When faced with the wall of choices available at Pioneer Square's Delicatus in Seattle, it's a rather daunting task picking out what to have for lunch, especially if you're a first-timer. So let me offer some assistance in weeding through the 25 different sandwiches by directing you to one of the best: the ShankLamb.

The menu at Delicatus is divided into two columns: "The Traditionalists," for the more conventional options like BLTs and Reubens, and "The Progressives," home to owners Derek Shankland and Mike Klotz's more adventurous creations.

The ShankLamb claims the top spot in the latter category, stuffing two halves of toasted sesame seed-topped scala bread from The Essential Baking Company with loads of braised and pulled lamb shank, leaf lettuce, tomato, and hot peppers. A wonderfully cool chive aioli gets slathered on the bread and is the perfect accompaniment to the tender lamb, accentuating its gaminess and the flavors brought out in the braising process. Beware the hot peppers, though: they can pack quite a punch.


Salty kettle chips come with all sandwiches, providing a return to familiarity when your brain isn't trying to wrap itself around the genius of lamb's pulled pork equivalent. This place really gets hopping during the lunch hour, so be smart and call ahead if you don't plan on eating there.


103 1st Ave. S, Seattle WA 98104 (map); 206-623-3780


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