[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

You know what I'm talking about, right? Those recipes that either stink up the house so much or are so insanely unhealthy that if you ever make them again, you risk driving your significant other out of wedlock?

I'm talking crazy mashups like our recent pizzagna, or Adam's legendary grilled-cheese-for-bun Hamburger Fatty Melt (I'd be willing to bet you could count the number of times Adam has made that dish since he got married on no fingers—click here to enter our giveaway for a Fatty Melt dinner for two at Rub BBQ in NY!). Or what about a nice serving of mucous natto for breakfast? I've yet to try that one on my wife, but I am positive that it's something she'll not put up with more than once.

So tell me, Serious Eaters—what are the foods that you'd love to try but might risk dying a lonely death for doing so?


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