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Meet our new sites! Click the image to enlarge

With the successful launch of Serious Eats: Drinks recently, we continue to forge on, committed to our mission to expose deliciousness wherever it may hide out, be it in a burger, a slice of pizza, or perhaps even in plain sight in a major city.

We've got some exciting news for the future, and we wanted you, the Serious Eats community—the great folks who make this site the wonderful kooky cocktail-party of recipes, stories, and all things food-related that it is—to be the first to know about the changes on the horizon.

Over the course of the next month, we'll be rolling out three, brand-spanking new blogs dedicated to three of the subjects we find most delicious.

Serious Wheats

Serious Wheats.jpg

It's our new site devoted to all things threshed, hulled, ground, and baked—as long as they're wheat-based. Have you been searching in vain for a place where you can calmly discuss relative amylopectin content of various cultivars? There's something for everyone on SW, from the most casual occasional bread-eater to the hardcore wheatarian. Here are a few of our new columns:

Serious Beets

They're earthy, they're sweet, they're shaped like miniature Christmas tree ornaments shoved under the ground. Is there anything that isn't better with beets? After Josh Ozersky declared beets to be "the hamburger of the 21st-and-a-half-century," we had no choice but to launch our very own blog all about them! At Serious Beets, you'll get beet coverage all the way down to the local level with weekly beet meet-ups (beet-ups?) where you and your fellow Beta vulgaris lovers can recount what you read last week on SB. Get excited for columns like:

Serious Teats

The technical definition may be "a nipple of the mammary gland of the female mammal," but at Serious Teats, we know there's so much more hiding behind those glands. It's our brand-new site devoted to milk, butter, cream, cheese, and all other things dairy, taking you from farm to milking plant to glass bottle to cereal, and beyond with columns like:

We honestly hope you are excited as we are about the new launches. Here's to many more years of Serious Eating (Wheating, Beeting, and Teating)!

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