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Knife Skills: How To Break Down A Chicken

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[Video: Jessica Leibowitz]

If you've been following knife skills, you may be thinking, "Wait a minute, we've seen this all before!" And you're right. But this time we've upgraded technology and put it in video. Enjoy!

If there's one knife skill that can save you money and make you look cool at the same time, it's breaking down a chicken. Consider that boneless breasts often cost around three times more than whole chicken does.

So for the same price as a two-pack of breasts, you can buy a whole chicken, which comes with those same breasts, plus two legs, and a back. And wait for it—if you're really lucky, you'll get a free liver, heart, and gizzard thrown in to sweeten the deal! I know girls (named Chichi) who'd get the whole chicken just to get her hands on some of those delicious gizzards!

Of course, if you don't know how to break the chicken down, all this is not too useful. That's where this guide comes in. Just follow the video, and you'll be breaking down chickens like the pros.

Shopping and Storage

Just two quick tips here:

As for all your other options, I personally prefer to pay the extra money for premium brands of free range or specialty heirloom breeds because of the improved flavor they offer. There's not much worse than bad chicken. Maybe bad margaritas, but that's about it.

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