[Photo: Carey Jones]

The folks at the IHOP recently added Chicken and Waffles to their menu—a classic that's pretty hard not to like. Except the plate you get is not exactly fried chicken and waffles as you might picture it—it's chicken fingers.

Though that was a disappointment, the chicken fingers themselves were great. They have a lot of peppered breading on the outside, and plump meaty chicken on the inside. The meat-to-breading ratio was perfect; you get strips of real white meat chicken, not compressed McPaste.

The waffle, on the other hand, was too chewy and bread-like, with no crisp. They taste very sweet without syrup, and a bit of a buttermilk tang; though they score one for taste, minus one for texture.


All was not lost, though. I also tried (and much preferred) Cinna-stack French Toast. IHOP makes their French Toast with thick pieces of Texas Toast. They are eggy, crispy, and soak up a lot of sauce, making them a much better vehicle for the cinnamon sauce than the pancakes can be. The only downside is that cinnamon leaves a weird aftertaste. Milk can thankfully cure that, however.


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