Hot Dog, 04, 2011


8 Great NYC Haute Dogs Worth The Extra Dough

New York Gracie Dulik 12 comments

We've seen our fair share of fancified hot dogs in this city, and frankly a lot of them feature overwrought, baroque toppings with underwhelming sausages. But a few stand apart as well thought-out creations that do right by the noble tubesteak. Which dogs (and dog-like objects) live up to the hype (and are worth the extra cash)? We rounded up some of our favorites. More

Staten Island: Skippy's Hot Dog Truck

New York Adam Kuban 11 comments

Skippy's started in 1962 after Dawn Bellach bought a van for $100 from a junkyard and polished it up. A half century later, it still runs just fine and has a convenient shelf for hot sauce bottles--at least 36 varieties. Feel free to grab one and jack up your chili dog a few notches. More

My Top 6 Hot Dogs in Manhattan: What's yours?

New York Ed Levine 12 comments

ELE's Jeff asked for my list of the best hot dogs in Manhattan: Photo courtesy of Gray's Papaya: Great natural casing, all-beef dog made by Marathon, Sabrett's parent company. I ask for mine well-done, not that any of the... More

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