Each week we round up our favorite posts and recipes from our friends at The Kitchn.


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This week, the Kitchn reminds us that butter lambs exist. Especially in the Midwest, they are stacked in flocks in the dairy aisle during Eastertime.

Also on the Kitchn:

  • Pomelo Couscous: Filled with bright chunks of pomelo, refreshing mint leaves, and savory fried shallots, this can be served alongside fish or tofu or as a light meal on its own.
  • Smart Packaging: Whole Foods Organic Chicken Breasts: More chicken should be packaged in individual pouches like this.
  • Marcella Hazan's Famous Tomato Sauce: This sauce has been written about by scads of bloggers and food writers, and rightly so. It calls for only four ingredients.
  • "Salt the Pot, Not the Pasta": It's a clever trick—salt the water in the cooking pot just as it comes to a boil. It dissolves into the water, then the pasta absorbs the salt along with the water as it cooks. You're salting from the inside out.

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