Inspired by our new Sunday night addiction, last week's challenge was all about your pitches for America's Next Great Restaurant. We wanted to hear what sort of fast casual joint you would open if given a slew of celebrity backers. With concept, marketability, and franchising opportunities in mind, here's a look at our favorite Chain Restaurant Brainstorm ideas.

agoodcooker harbors messy dreams about opening a food fight-themed restaurant. Tiled for easy clean up the menu would include splattery staples such as spaghetti, jello, apple sauce, chocolate pudding, and mashed potatoes. To ensure that customers stayed nice and clean, Hazmat suits and goggles would be provided for this dining experience.

Riffing on serve-yourself fro-yo places, astrass wants to see a DIY milkshake bar with mix-ins bar stocked with complete with fruit, nuts, and sauces.

Saucy Johnny's idea is a pick your protein and sauce place called—what else?—Saucy Johnny's. Chicken, beef, pork, or fish can be dressed up with sauces like barbecue, mandarin orange/jerk, tamarind/guajillo, multi-colored peppercorn/honey, chipotle cream, or fresh papaya salsa.

Envisioning a restaurant called Starters, Monkii plans on serving big portions of appetizers family-style. It's would be a dip-centric menu (think taco dip, baked potato dip, and spinach-artichoke dip) with other little-big bites including wings, shrimp, and macaroni and cheese. Monkii's thinking behind this is that appetizers are oftentimes the best part of the meal, so why bother messing with the rest?


The future DB's Stuffed Bun Emporium? [Photograph: dbcurrie]

Bread baker extraordinaire dbcurrie's place would specialize in buns stuffed with sandwich fillings like these Indiana Ham and Cheese Buns. Buns would be par baked and finished to order.

theindolentcook generally tries to keep it pretty healthy but fantasizes about one day opening a restaurant called Guilty Pleasures that serves up not so great for you fare like these crispy lard tidbits and plenty of cold beer.

Inspired by strawberry shortcake, lemonfair is thinking about a biscuits and jam specialty shop. What could be better than bringing a box of donuts to the office? Boxes of biscuits and containers of several jams!

Aya Kristen Alt restaurant is all about ochazuke, a Japanese dish in which green tea or dashi is poured over cooked rice and topped with your choice of nori, pickled, salted fish roe, and rice crackers.

Thanks to everyone who broke out the stockpot for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Rethinking Ramen.


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