Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Radiation contamination in Japan :(

Look Who's Talkin'"Maki (of Just Hungry/Just Bento) has been keeping up with the news pretty closely, and she posted an update today including some good advice re: food. [HERE]

"Namely, that is beware of media outlets looking for a headline; most Japanese produce doesn't make it outside the country in the first place; and that most of the manufactured stuff you're seeing on the shelves right now was made sometime prior to the disaster, has been scanned at port, or is from an entirely different area of the country.

"So no, personally I have no concerns." —kakugori

[I might also point out that Maki's Twitter stream has been an EXCELLENT source of info on the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster. —AK]

What *is* Serious Eats?

"LOL 'the best food website around!' is what I would have said too! lmao...I refer to it as 'my essential reference as an online food community.' Everytime I share an article with a non serious-eater, they're like, 'This website is awesome!' I'm like, 'um, yah!' hehe" —hungrychristel

Flowerpot Smoker

"The Husband and I made this one day a few years ago. It was a fun project and we made pulled pork which was pretty good, though we overcooked the bottom side of the pork butt (our fault). The hardest thing to find was the dimmer switch that would adequately control the hot plate. We got the one that Alton used, but it seemed to shut off the hot plate at the lower setting. Getting the temperature to stay constant was bit of a challenge due to the dimmer. It was not a 'set it and forget' thing that Alton seemed to make it out to be. We used it a few more times, but stopped when we purchased the Big Green Egg. We still have the flowerpot smoker and I'm still looking for a temperature controller that is reliable and inexpensive, so we may put it back into production in the future. I've been toying with the idea of modifying it to do some cold smoking (like cheese or fish).

"All in all, it's a fun family project that even the kids might enjoy - very Rube Goldberg-esque!" —AnnieNT

Paula Dean or Rachel Ray?

"I have to respect how they worked their way up but their voices grate on my nerves, as well. I'd love to see them in Ramsey's kitchen! I could probably get past the voice (think Julia) if their food were more interesting. Another annoying thing - the made up words, acronyms from RR. I think they are both successful for entertainment value, and maybe cooking advice for the novice. (Another annoying one - Giada.) " —cucinacecilia

Marcel's Quantum Kitchen premiere

"...Don't MAKE me pull out the douchometric calibration tool again." —seriousb

Need a Blog for my Portfolio...Help!

"Too bad he's not a Marine — 'Semper Fry.' 'An Army of Bun'? 'Eat This'? etc...' —bruisedbuddha

Is bacon cheating?

"I would hire a private investigator if you truly believe bacon to be cheating. You'll need hard evidence in court if you want to obtain custody of the piglets." —ByrdBrain

Dipping sauce for fries

"Mayo with sriracha and a smidge of lemon." —Teachertalk

Paula Dean or Rachel Ray?

"Gee, this is like choosing between having the electric chair or the firing squad. Both of them absolutely creep me out. Old fake and younger fake." —Shecooks

Not just a slump, a string of cooking failures!

"Better to have a cooking failure than to experience the failures of Brian Walker!" —dmcavanagh

[ROTFLMAO! I am seriously slapping the desk and laughing at this comment as I compile this post. To the point that Robyn Lee here in the office* is like, "What are you laughing at?!?"

So, "Brian Walker" explained ...

Early last Sunday, we had a spammer come into Talk with such thread topics as "The Best 'Rescue Relationship' Techniques," "How to Get Your Wife Back," "Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back: Putting Your Best Foot Forward"

Which leads me to the first time I've ever done a LWT call-out on a comment from a thread that's been pulled .... ]

How to Get Your Wife Back

"Brian has a boyfriend and a wife? No wonder he has so much trouble. " —sparrowgrass

[Now we know the name of the Kona coffee–drinking catfish farmer ... BRIAN WALKER! —AK]

* It's Friday as I type this up.