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Nathan Myhrvold
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Nathan Myhrvold of Modernist Cuisine stopped by the Colbert Report yesterday to chat with Steven and make 72-hour pastrami and 100% pistachio ice cream.

Check out Colbert's reactions to Myhrvold's book. Here are some highlights:

"God ordained that things should be boiled, or baked, or fried. Those are the missionary positions of cuisine—you're getting freaky here."

"Am I going to die from eating this?... That's just like leaving a piece of beef out in August for three days, and now you want me to eat it."

"Does everything take long with you? Are you working on an orgasm that isn't going to happen until 2013?"

And the best: "Oh my god. This tastes like ice cream. You've achieved ice cream that tastes like ice cream!"

Good stuff, and glad to see that at least someone isn't taking all of this too seriously.


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