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Taste Test: Fast-Food Wings

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

So it's five minutes before the kick-off on Sunday and you're expecting a massive posse in your living room, and you only have one bowl of guacamole. To split 32 ways. Luckily you can always order fast-food wings.

In case you missed our Great Fast-Food Wings tasting from 2009, here are the results. We ordered a mess of wings from five of the big fast-food chains:

Best Buffalo Wings: KFC


They have everything you look for in a wing: good skin-to-meat proportions, tangy sauce (also available sauceless if you want to make your own with Texas Pete hot sauce and butter), and induce a good bellyache of success after. They're also huge. Some were bordering on gerbil size. Good for feeding a big crowd.

All of the winners in the slideshow ยป

Or, Make the Wings from Scratch

Taste Test: Buffalo Wing Sauce

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