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After last week's diet debacle, I was determined to get back on the good foot, serious diet-wise. Every week is filled with potential food pitfalls, but I think it helps me to report to all of you what I've eaten and what I've been able to resist.

Friday lunch included chef Michael White's fine square White Label burger (the dry-aged meat in the mix makes all the difference) at Ai Fiori served with pommes dauphine (think of the lightest potato croquettes imaginable); a killer pasta dish, tortelli, ravioli filled with ricotta and mascarpone, served with boschetto cheese and a red wine glaze; and a wonderful lobster veloute. Dessert was an understated olive oil cake with eye-opening white espresso ice cream. Everything was shared and merely tasted.

Sunday my brother took all of us out to Porter House New York. I shared a most excellent cowboy ribeye steak (on the bone) with my niece, and we had a bunch of ridiculously fattening and rich sides (hash browns, onion rings, mac and cheese), and desserts (perfect cheesecake, hot fudge sundae, coconut cake) by Wayne Harley Brachman, one of the best nuevo retro pastry chefs anywhere. A steakhouse with a view with a great cook (Michael Lomonaco) in the house. What a lovely concept! I managed to limit the damage by merely tasting just about everything.

And that was just the weekend. The rest of the week was an adventure as well.

Monday night I went back to Ai Fiori for a business dinner. Highlights included: truly amazing agnolotti stuffed with braised veal and butternut squash, and a spoonful of transcendent steak tartare with black truffles.

Serious Eats World HQ's bountiful table was overflowing this week. The highlights (or the lowlights depending on how you view them): financiers from the eponymous patisserie; fine muffins and breakfast pastries from Ted & Honey in Brooklyn; and soft pretzels, flank steak, and brussels sprouts from Ardesia.

I've stayed under control, and that's a miracle. A little too much nervous picking when we're meeting at the Serious Eats conference table, but that's to be expected given the close proximity of so much seriously delicious food.

The Weigh-In

Interim weigh-ins have actually been okay. I am definitely recovering from last week's birthday debacle. All right, here we go: 222. Down two pounds from last week. Back on the good foot.


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