[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

McDonald's recently launched a new breakfast item: Maple and Fruit Oatmeal. We thought it was too sweet, and not in a maple-y way. In a whoa, hold back on the sugar way. Not a huge surprise here but the oatmeal doesn't contain actual maple syrup, just "natural maple flavoring."

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture calls this a violation of the state's strict maple law. "If it's a natural maple product it has to have maple syrup. And it has to show that it has maple syrup and they haven't done that yet," said former Vermont agriculture secretary Roger Allbee in this WCAX.com piece. The ingredient list includes: whole grain rolled oats, brown sugar, food starch-modified, salt, natural maple flavor with other natural flavor (plant source), barley malt extract, and caramel color.

Vermont agriculture officials are pushing McDonald's to remove "maple" from the product's name and all advertising since it's not the real deal. "We'll give them 60 to 90 days, certainly that's appropriate," Allbee said. "We really do think they'll do the right thing." [via scaffnet]


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