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As far as food resolutions go, I love the idea of simply eating more fresh, seasonal fruit. To encourage me through the monochromatic winter produce selection, I picked up this handy double-ended grapefruit knife ($5.95, crateandbarrel.com). It's a riff on the more typical grapefruit spoon, but easier (and arguably less dangerous) to use.

On one side, a curved, deeply ridged blade separates segments from the outer skin. The serration makes it easy to handle around the fruit's thick pith, and the bend makes it easy to scoop and pull each slice away from top to bottom. The knife's other side is a double blade, meant to fit closely around the membranes of each segment and slice your work in half. As a duo, the knife works quite well, preserving a more of the fruit than comparable grapefruit spoons. It's ergonomic and sturdy (made of stainless steel) and really does cut down on the time it takes to prep a grapefruit.

When you're using an actual knife, it's obvious that you can't eat off the same utensil you use for cutting, but I'd rather be secure in the fact that you also can't cut your mouth eating. And for just a fiver, it's a relative bargain that's good looking, too.

About the author: Nikki Goldstein Nikki Goldstein is a freelance food and nutrition writer living in New York City. Aside from her Gadgets and Brunch columns here at Serious Eats, you can find her writing in SELF and the New York Post's new iPad edition, The Daily. Even in her 500-square-foot studio, she devotes an entire walk-in-closet to all things gadget-related..


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