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If you read this column last week and felt inspired to bake a cake, you might have realized a conundrum: When baking a big cake for a potluck, moving vehicles are undoubtedly the enemy. That's the logic behind the purchase that followed: the Progressive Collapsible Cake and Cupcake Carrier ($18.88 at Camping World).

When describing said carrier to a friend the other day, she asked what could possibly make a cake carrier special. "Does it have a gyrometer built into it to make sure your cake stays flat when you can't walk straight in your heels?" she asked, calling my attention to what would possibly be a very lucrative invention. Alas, that's not what this cake carrier does, but for a cake carrier, it sure does a whole lot.

For starters, it's collapsible, fitting normal cakes and cookies when folded into its smaller size but staying well out of range of the tallest cakes when expanded. The dome has a sturdy handle and three locks to fit it onto the base, which conveniently features a slicing guide with various sizes etched into it. These features alone are sufficient for my personal cake carrying needs, but cue the infomercial classic: "But wait! There's more!"

Fitting inside the carrier are two stackable trays for cupcakes (their legs, too, collapse for easy storage). Each features thumb indents for easy handling, and the two trays are removable in tandem for dessert station displaying purposes. Decorated they are not, but if your cupcakes are pretty enough to distract the eye, the feature is well worth it.

Other than the gyrometer, I can't imagine what else a cake carrier could do—and at only a few bucks more than far-less-convenient options, I'm happy to recommend this one with holiday jazz hands.


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