Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 149: Sometimes the Prevailing Diet Winds Bring You Down


Olive oil pops from Del Posto. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

I'm going to tell all you all straight up: this week is going to be bad. How bad I won't know until I get on Thinner, but after this week's food gauntlet, I had no shot. I tried to impose discipline, but there were just too many temptations, too much access to insanely delicious things I have a weakness for.

These are not excuses I am offering. I take full responsibility for the about-to-be weight gain. Sometimes that's the only thing to do, confess like I was in a group therapy session at a twelve-step eating addiction program.

Consider the following:

Monday night we had a dinner for the staff at Torrisi to celebrate many things: the holidays, our fourth birthday, and turning in the Serious Eats book. Could I resist Torrisi's housemade mozzarella with sea salt and olive oil on its ridiculously delicious garlic bread; the Torrisi pork chop that tastes like pork custard; or their version of Skate Francese? Nope, I'm afraid I succumbed to Torrisi's considerable food charms. And that was just Monday!

The week got a lot worse as it wore on.

Tuesday I had lunch with old friends at Del Posto. The $29 lunch special is one of my favorite ways to catch up with people, especially during holiday season, when it's easier to justify a two-hour lunch. Each course was more spectacular than the last, but one I will never forget: a slice of Yesterday's 100 Layer Lasagna. They put it in a saute pan so it gets crispy and creamy and slightly chewy at the same time. Also, the little chocolate-covered olive oil gelato pops always blow me away.

Tuesday evening was even more insane. Here was my eating dance card that night: the Saveur magazine chef's potluck holiday dinner, a little Hanukkah party at my house for my wife and son that featured many latkes, followed by a prime rib tasting at Kenji's house. Kenji cooked three kinds of prime rib (25 pounds in all) and served his incomparable mac and cheese with it.

Wednesday night was the Serious Eats Cookie Swap. Need I say more? Think peanut butter chocolate whoopie pies, Dumpling-shaped ginger snaps, and chocolate espresso caramel macaroons. So, so, good, but so, so bad for me. Stay tuned for recipes of all the sweets next week.

The Weigh-In

Even though I had a good, disciplined day on Thursday I know Thinner is going to deal me a deservedly cruel blow this morning. I might as well get it over with. Here we go: 223. Up another pound. Next week I am going to jump back on the minus side. Hopefully those prevailing diet winds will change direction.

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