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For all of the Thanksgiving turkey testing I've been doing for the past few weeks (over a dozen birds now and counting!), I've been purchasing the natural, un-enhanced birds from the Whole Foods down the block (I've also worked with a few kosher birds). But in years past, I've generally gone for a slow-grown heritage breed turkey for my own Thanksgiving table.

They vary from breed to breed, but in general they're a bit drier and tougher to cook than a standard supermarket turkey (particularly in the breast), but are more intensely flavored, and certainly have more character. By sourcing out local heritage birds through a butcher of direct from the farm, you're helping out your local small businesses as well. You can read all about sourcing them in our guide to heritage turkeys.

So what's going to be gracing your thanksgiving table this year? A heritage bird? Kosher? Or maybe just a plain old self-basting Butterball? Take the poll »

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