If you've got an iPad, download the Gourmet Live! app for free and check out this week's Serious Eats article about the crazy world of pizzaioli.

Here's what Chris Bianco of the venerable Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix has to say about how he got his start in pizza:

"I grew up in New York, but it could have been barbecue or tacos or burritos if I was from somewhere else." For him, pizza represented self-reliance and control. "It was the first food anybody at away from home as a school kid, and it was yours. It was customizable—add some extra cheese, shake on some chili flakes, and you could craft it into your own personal 89 cent feast with a pointy end that tells you where to start and a crust that tells you where to finish."

For the rest of the story, check out the free Gourmet Live! app.


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