How to Make Turducken in Under 24 Hours

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The noble turducken plays out like a carnivore's dream—layers of sumptuous turkey, duck and chicken drowned in gravy and packed with at least three different types of stuffing. A turducken normally consists of a 20- to 25-pound turkey, a four to five-pound duck, and a three-pound chicken, all with a whopping 14 cups of stuffing. Traditionally, this masterpiece is created by carefully deboning and flattening each bird, filling each layer to the brim with savory dressings, rolling one inside the other and finally cooking it for various hours. The cooking time can vary, as can the time it takes for prepping and assembly, but the entire process can take at least a day from start to finish.

I was determined to make a turducken of my own creation as a Thanksgiving option. The only problem? Deboning. Deboning one let alone three whole birds is a daunting task that even those with butchery training don't find enticing (I asked many butchers if they would do it for me, and was politely told no each time). I needed an easier version.

Then it came to me.


The finished product. Get the recipe here »

What about a variation using breasts or flattened cuts of each bird, layered using just one really fantastic stuffing instead of three, then rolling it and tying it like a roast? Behold, the Turducken-in-Under-24-Hours—a quicker way of getting the taste of turducken without all the hassle of the original. Extra bonus: rather than making enough food to feed a small army of 20, mine serves a much more reasonable four guests. Doubling or tripling it is a snap too, if you've got a larger party to feed.

Bask in the results, I sure did.

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