[Photo: Carey Jones]

They say you know you're from South Jersey if you've ever slept behind a Wawa. The convenience store staple, beloved by many a New Jersey or Pennsylvania native, gets into the season with Thanksgiving-themed sandwiches.

The greatest thing about the Wawa is its computer ordering system—there's something very satisfying about the droplet sound as you punch in your sandwich an condiments. (I think it's the same sound as the old Macintosh LC II computers.) Punch in a "Gobbler," and you get a turkey sandwich with gravy, stuffing, and cranberry juice, on their squishy hoagie loaf. Thanksgiving on a roll.

20101109wawa2.jpgTheir stuffing, which takes over some bites, is more salty than it is delicious—soft and barely spiced, it's reasonably moist but not terribly tasty. The turkey isn't bad, though, thick-sliced and not dry in the slightest. The gravy adds even more savory saltiness, but the jelly-like cranberry sauce helps cut through it. It's sweet and distinctly fruity, though lacking the tart punch that a cranberry sauce should have.

Overall, the sandwich is a good total package. It's a bit light on meat; the one I had could have used a lot more turkey to balance out the hefty dollop of stuffing. Other than that, though, it's a reasonably tasty holiday classic. Like most of the sandwiches at Wawa, it's nothing you'd go out of your way for, but it's totally satisfying and just a little better than it has to be.


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